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.: FtpMail

<FTP EMAIL> response - ftp's files and sends them back via electronic mail.

If you have problems please email archive and quote the following line:
$Revision: 1.25 $

>>Valid commands to the ftpmail gateway are:

reply-to email-address Who to send the response to. This is optional and defaults to the users email address

>>Followed by one of:

help Just send back help
delete jobid Delete the given job
open [site [user [pass]]] Site to ftp to. Defaults are anonymous reply-to-address.

>>If there was an open then it can be followed by up to 100 of the
>>following commands

cd pathname Change directory.
ls [pathname] short listing of pathname. Default pathname
is current directory.
dir [pathname] long listing of pathname. Default pathname
is current directory.
get pathname Get a file and email it back.

compress Compress files/dir-listings before emailing back
gzip Gzip files/dir-listings before emailing back

These are mutually exclusive options for converting a binary file before emailing. (Default is uuencode.)

force uuencode
force btoa
Force all files or directory listings to
be encoded before sending back.
There is no default.

Send the message as a Mime Verson 1.0 message.
Text will be sent as text/plain charset=US-ASCII
Non-text as application/octet-stream.
If the file is splitup then it will be sent
as a message/partial.

force mime
As mime but force text files to be sent as

no [compress|gzip|uuencode|btoa|mime]
Turn the option off.

size num[K|M]
Set the max size a file can be before it
is split up and emailed back in parts to
the given number of Kilo or Mega bytes.
This is limited to 102400.

mode binary
mode ascii
Change the mode selected for the get
command. Defaults to binary.
quit End of input - ignore any following lines.

Example scripts are:

Connect to and send back the contents of the top level

cd unix
get buffer.shar
Connect to and send back the file buffer.shar to

cd graphics/X11/X.V11R5
get ls-lR.Z
cd ../contrib
ls -ltra
Connect to, send back the file ls-lR.Z in graphics/X11/X.V11R5. As this is a binary file it has to be transfered in binary mode. Because it is binary it will automatically be uuencoded (the default binary encoder). Then change to ../contrib and mail back a compressed directory listing. Although compressing ls output makes it binary, which then has to be encoded, it still ends up smaller than the original.

cd graphics/X11/X.V11R5/fixes
get fix-08
get fix-09
get sunGX.uu
Retrieve some recent X fixes

cd gnu
mode binary
get emacs-18.57.tar.Z

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